6COM1040 Cyber Security


The following slides are from the Spring lectures delivered during Semesters B of the Session 2017-2018.



Lecture 1

Cyber Security:

         Aspects of Cryptography from a Classical and Quantum Perspective

         Definitions, Properties, Standard Threat Model,

         Symmetric key ciphers: Vernam (One Time Pad), DES, AES,

         Asymmetric key ciphers:, Diffie-Hellman, RSA, El Gamal

Lecture 2

Asymmetric Key Schemes:

         The Integer Factorisation Problem (IFP), RSA

         Encryption, Decryption and Digital Signatures

Tutorial 1 & 2

Security 1 and Answers

Lecture 3

Groups and RSA

Cyclic Groups, Primitives, Orbits, and the Integer Factorisation Problem

Groups and El Gamal

Cyclic Groups, Primitives, Orbits, and the Discrete Logarithm Problem (DLP) Groups, Subgroups, Diffie-Hellman and the El Gamal Algorithm.

Lecture 4

El Gamal Algorithm Encryption and Decryption

El Gamal Algorithm (+ Answers)

Tutorial 3 & 4

Security 2 A and Answers

Security 2 B and Answers

Lecture 5

Discussion on Answers to Security 2 A

Lecture 6

Key Exchange (using RSA) and Key Agreement (using Diffie Hellman)

The Diffie-Hellman Protocol and El Gamal (Encryption and Decryption)

DES The Data Encryption Standard and sub-Key Algorithm

Tutorial 5 & 6

Security 3 and Answers

Security 4 and Answers

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Updated 28th February 2018.