Distributed Systems and Networks

Security and Voting

Information and Computation

Stochastic Processes





Secure Quantum Computation and Related Classical Topics

Applications are invited to research in the areas of security, quantum computation and related topic areas. The following list describes possible areas for research with links on the left describing some topics in a little more detail.

Topics Areas:

  1. Quantum and Classical Information and Computation: Security, classical and/or quantum cryptographic algorithms and protocols. Applications with finite fields, algebraic number fields, algebraic geometry.
  2. Classical and Quantum Stochastic Processes: non - commutative probability, quantum probability
  3. Distributed Systems and Networks: models, voting, forensics, risk and network intrusion detection schemes
  4. Geometry:Eucliden/non-Euclidean geometry, algebraic geometry, non-commutative geometry and their relationship to quantum information, computation and measurement.

For further information please contact Dr William Joseph Spring.